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Commercial mascaras contain plenty of harmful ingredients which can be danger for your health the most common toxins found in commercial mascaras include led, mercury and parabens, These toxic substances can cause skin allergies, eye irritation, brain and nerve damage, and may even lead to blindness in some cases,  it is always better to use a natural mascara that is free from all these harmful substances. GET ALL THE BENEFITS OF A MASCARA WHILE GROWING YOUR EYELASHES... This Mascara is not your general mascara.. it is formulated to give definition and GROW your eyelashes. The reason behind this treatment is that during the use of the treatment 'PURE-GROW', we recommend not using a lengthening or waterproof mascara, or to not use at all. So, this is used to GROW your lashes and as a mascara. It washes off without any harsh rubbing and does not disturb the growth process. In order to increase the growth process, you can also use 'PURE-GROW' at night before sleeping, and 'Pure-Grow Mascara' when you're going out. Do not sleep with this product on. It contains vitamins to strengthen and protect the lashes, as well as ingredients to prevent lash bugs. It doesn't cause irritation in the eyes, and is suitable for sensitive and contact wearing eyes. It stays on up 12 hours. It was not made to be waterproof so it does not damage or make eyelashes fall out. While you wearing the mascara it is working to strengthen and grow your eyelashes.
TIPS FOR APPLICATION: . Apply to clean face and dry eyelashes. . Apply one coat and wait 1 minute and apply a second coat for more definition. (Optional) . Use a natural setting spray to ensure longer wear.( Optional)
It works well for short, broken lashes, and is designed to boost growth.
Organic Shea Butter, Organic Marula, Organic Rosemary, Organic Black Castor, Organic Activated Charcoal, Organic Aloe vera, Vitamin E, Panthenol D, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Organic Coconut wax, Organic Jojoba.

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Grow Mascara

Bare Black, Brown, Out of the Blue, Royal Red, Go Green, Glow Yellow, Orange Zest, Hot Pink, Gold Rush, Purple Passion, Lilac Dreams, Teal the Show


  1. Jessica_c

    I picked up my mascara this morning, and i cannot believe how lightweight and defining it is. I like that it is not thick and blotchy. i use pure grow for my lashes os now i can wear mascara again without breaking them. very very excited. thank you so much

  2. lisa-ann

    ordered!! very helpful customer service cant wait to try this!

  3. Fani Gianna

    can i leave 100 stars?!
    guys, this mascara is absolutely amazing. it doesn’t go hard on the lashes yet gives so much length and color. i do 2 coats and looks so good. im excited for my lashes to grow even more, i also will leave feedback for the pure grow product too. i purchased black and gold! so0o0o0o0 cool!

  4. alexia Dip

    i bought the black mascara, looks great- will comment again with my update soon. i love all pures products, been using over a year, so i know their stuff is quality, thank you once again. the customer service is exceptional.

  5. mishelaki

    Thank you Alexia, yes please let us know how you love the mascara, and feel free to email us some photos of your growth progress at info@pure-ms.com and thank you for your amazing feedback!

  6. mishelaki

    We accept 100 stars! So glad you love it! Yes, it was not designed to harden the lashes, but to allow the lashes to grow and give the effect of a mascara. looking so forward to your updated feedback!

  7. mishelaki

    Thanks for your feedback, Our customers are our top priority so customer service is very important to us. So excited for your feedback!

  8. mishelaki

    Thank you for your feedback! Enjoy, and look forward to hearing your update! If you have before and after pics, feel free to send them to info@pure-ms.com

  9. Ekaterini Karadimas

    been using this mascara for abt 4 weeks now, i already see my lashes growing!! And i love that it isn’t waterproof so i do not have to rub like crazy to get it off and my lashes are safe. i bought the brown by the way. i came back to review the product , and to order the face wash that a few of my friends are obsessed with! will come back soon with my review! <3 thank you so much!

  10. Gerry

    Great product. Helped my lashes grow. love that it is not waterproof so it is not harsh on whatever eyelashes i had left. i was surprisingly pleased to see that my eyelashes actually have grown. looks so natural on. and i just adore it. Cant to try all of Pure’s products.

  11. Elena

    Δεν έχω λόγια! Το καλύτερο προϊόν!

  12. MIna

    wish i knew about this ages ago!!!! fabulous!

  13. kelly-anne

    i took this in the summer, and love it! its not waterproof which i wanted because i dont want to break my eyelashes. i use the growth treatment at night too.
    i hope pure makes more make up.

  14. allison

    if you havent tried this, you should.
    makes my lashes glossy and washes off easily and i still shocked how amazing my lashes look.
    i always use the eyelash grow treatment, this was just a big happy surprise!

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