30 November 2023

1+1 OFFERS now available: Starting 30 November – Ending 2 December


28 November 2023

We are happy to inform you that our Referral a Friend Program is back!

You can find your Referral URL link in your Account Page – Everyone with an account has one waiting for you in your account page.

This is how it works:
After someone makes a purchase with your referral URL link, and after order is completed, you will receive coupon in your account page inbox.
For every order that is made with your referral URL code, you will receive a list of all your coupon codes.
Note they are valid for 1 use each and expire after used.
If you love our products, email your friends, share your favorite PURE products wherever you want and don’t forget to include your Referral URL code so that you can get all the benefits from our program!
This is an example of how your collected coupon will look.

If you have any questions, let us know!
-Pure Support


22 November 2023 – DELAY on Shipments

Due to an overload of orders this week, there is 3 day (working days) delay on shipping out orders. This is not a common occurrence, but it can happen and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us via email info@pure-ms.com or speak to someone from our Support Team in our live chat.

Thank you for your patience, understanding and continuous support. It remains our top priority to get your treatments to you on time.

– Pure Management


15 November 2023

Life is like a deck of cards. You never know what you’re going to get, but you’ve got to play your cards right!

Experience the ultimate thrill of winning with us!
With every order you place, you stand a chance to be one of the 50 lucky customers to be rewarded with something magnificent.

Your order will come with a special card; if you’re lucky, you can win one of the following:
J – 10€ coupon for your next purchase
Q – 15€ coupon for your next purchase
K – 20€ coupon for your next purchase
A – 25€ coupon for your next purchase
JOKER – 25€ coupon plus an exquisite Pure-Hair & Pure Hair Growth Activating Spray or Bakuchiol Face Cream & Intense Eye GelFREE!

The unique coupon code will be written inside the envelope that accompanies your heart-stopping reward. Don’t forget to use it before 1 February 2024.
In order to use these coupons, your cart total needs to reach the minimum of 99.00€ after the coupon has been added.
And with each order, you receive a card multiple times until this offer ends. Your specific unique coupon code on the inside of your envelope can only be used once, and it cannot be used in conjunction with other store coupons.


12 November 2023

Our Holiday Sales are here. Unbeatable prices on our hair and skin treatments. Order here..


11 November 2023

1) For worldwide shipping: If your country is not listed in options when trying to place an order, please contact us to discuss.

2) 5 New and transforming treatments have been added to our shop, plus a few extra upgrades, here is what’s new.
BO-TO-X Face Crème – This is a super fast acting anti-aging peptide cream, that acts like botox but is not a toxin.
Pore Firming Cream – A purified, concentrated active treatment, that is a pore refiner for oily and combination / mixed skin.
Anti-Blackhead Mask – is perfect for eliminating imperfections, cleans out blackheads, and prevents further breakouts. It tightens pores, and regulates excess sebum without attacking the epidermis.
Triple Bo-to-x Peptide Serum – The serum is targeted specifically at the lines, while the cream focuses on the entire face.
Leave-In Conditioner – This is not your typical Leave-In Conditioner.. consider it a treatment that keeps your hair sleek, detangled and conditioned while assisting in fighting hair loss and encouraging hair growth.

3)We have made some of our treatments in a larger quantity. Here is the update:
Pure-Shampoo (Repair & Grow) – now contains 50ml more.
Pure-Mask – now contains 50ml more, making it double than its original size.
Pure-Hair Growth Activating Spray – It is available in double the size.

4) Stay tuned for our upcoming sales, and special limited products.

11 October 2023

Due to a high volume of orders, there is a delay by 2-3 days for sending out packages. Please be patient, it remains our top priority to get your orders to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns contact us via our live chat directly on our website, or email us at info@pure-ms.com


3 October 2023

We are happy to share that we now have a larger bottle of Pure Hair Growth Activating Spray (Due to high demand).

Stay tuned for our new treatments, offers, and more.


13 September 2023


Store Credits have been reinstated. It will not show up on checkout if you have zero store credit.

5 September 2023

We are officially open for orders. Please take note that orders will be sent out from the first order to last. We thank you for your patience during Pure’s renovation.
If you have any questions or concerns, email us at info@pure-ms.com or contact us via our live chat to speak to one of our Pure Support Representatives.

Thank you, and have a great month.

-Pure Team


2 September 2023

We are officially CLOSED as of 25 July. We will Reopen on 5 September.

If you happen to make any orders during our closing period, please be aware that orders will be made and shipped from the first order to the last. You are welcome to get a refund if you were not aware of our closing dates.

Additionally, we have halted the ‘points & rewards system’ as we are working towards making it more efficient and user friendly.

Please note we ship internationally every Thursday.

Happy Summer! See you all in September!
-Pure Team


7 July 2023 – Stock up before we close

PURE will be closed for Renovations from 25 July until 5 September. We are accepting orders until the 25th July.
**Note** If you do happen to order between the 25 July and 5 September, your order will only be ready after the 1 September.

Have a wonderful month!


2 May 2023

We would like to inform those who are purchasing our hair treatments that the following products DO CONTAIN REDENSYL®. The reason it is not listed on the bottles ingredient list is due to pre-labeled packing. But we assure you that these products contain Redensyl®. We are awaiting our updated packaging and labels.
Pure Treatments with Redensyl® :
Pure-Hair Growth Activating Spray®
Pure-Shampoo Repair & Grow


1 May 2023

When one or more of our products are listed as backorder, this means it is out of stock, or in production. If you do purchase a backorder product, please email us to find out the time frame in which we will ship your item. Backorder products can take anywhere from 4 days to 15 days to be shipped. We guarantee to ship your order once our inventory is replenished. By ordering a backorder product you agree to the 4-15 day time frame wait. For more information on our shipping terms and costs, see Shipping info.


20 April 2023
PURE® was closed for 7 days and we have reopened as of today.
All orders will be made and sent out in order of the first purchase to most recent purchase between the 7 days.
Thank you for your patience and continuous support. If you have any questions, please email us at info@pure-ms.com or click the chatbox at the bottom of your scree to talk to one of our Pure Representatives .

-Pure Team