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PURE-HAIR IS AN OIL SERUM WITH 3% REDENSYL. IT CAN BE USED TOPICALLY TO AREAS OF CONCERN AND BE ADDED TO YOUR GENERAL SHAMPOO FOR GROWTH BENEFITS. Pure-Hair treatment is carefully designed to treat and replenish unhealthy, damaged hair, specifically for those who suffer from hair loss and want to regrow hair. This treatment was designed to boost your hairs growth process. This product contains anti fungal properties, that reduce dandruff, dry scalp, hair loss, improves circulation and blood flow to hair follicles and helps with hair growth and strengthens the hair. Enriched with plant based nutrients formulated to restore balance and structure to your hair. This formula has been thoroughly tested and has proven to effectively produce results within the first month of use. It contains the revolutionary active 3% Redensyl® for moderate to severe hair loss. For more severe hair conditions, see Pure-Hair Advanced For a non oily Treatment for hair loss and Regrowth see Pure Hair Activating Growth Spray with 3% Redensyl®  ***THE KEY DIFFERENCES BETWEEN Pure-Hair & Pure-Hair ADVANCED:*** - Pure-Hair ADVANCED is more concentrated and extremely powerful as a formula.It has higher percentages of all active ingredients and vitamin complex and has a number of ingredients that are not in Pure-Hair.It is more suitable for those tackling more severe hair conditions such as Alopecia, TE, Post Chemotherapy, Hormonal Hair loss and other medical hair conditions. For both Males & Females.
Apply a few drops to your fingertips and massage carefully onto your unwashed scalp and other areas of concern for a good 30-60 seconds. ( Some find it helpful to flip head over while applying.) This can be done daily, and left on over night, due to its oily composition, you can apply it up to 2-3 times per week in-between washes. Add 5-10 drops to your general shampoo (200ml - 250ml) ( NOT Pure-Shampoo), Shake well. If your shampoo is 300ml to 500ml add 15-20 drops.
Regrows hair, Alopecia, Hormonal Hair Loss, General Hair Loss Stress related Hair Loss, Post-Covid Hair Loss Pure-Hair is extremely effective at tackling hair loss and encouraging re-growth. The difference is the ingredients and the percentage rate used in this formula. It is perfect for hair loss from postpartum, early on set hair loss, Covid, stress related hair loss.
**If you type of allergies to any of the listed ingredients, please email us before purchasing the product so we can adjust the formula to suit your specific needs.**  Marula oil, Mung Bean, Saw Palmetto, Omega-6 fatty acid, Pumpkin seed oil, Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Redensyl®, Jojoba, Rosmarinus (Rosemary), Argan, Curcuma Longa (Turmeric) Root, Atlas Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Hemp Seed Oil, Ginseng Biloba, Evening Primrose,Vitamin B3, Agarwood oil, Matcha Green Tea, Phytoceramides, CollaPlant, Avocado, Geranium, Thyme, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Rubus Idaeus leaf, Palo Santo, vitamin B3 (niacin), Zinc, Neroli, Yarrow,Helichrysum, Pomegranate, Rose Oil, Thorny Knapweed, Carrot seed, Rosehip, Frankincense, Clove Oil, Peppermint Oil, Tocopherol T70.




  1. miaargyro

    this is the only treatment i will ever ever ever use. after trying the first time i was a bit skeptical, but my hair is full of life, shiny, and not frizzy anymore, as well as its growing super duper fast! thanks pure! been using it for a year now. and i have only had 2 buy 2 in total!

  2. Effi

    My hair was falling out, and i had a small bald patch but after 3 months its grows back- i also had dry hair and dry scalp, and this has helped me so much. has a somewhat strong scent, but i love it. thanks a bunch.

  3. brittany flanigan

    excellent. highly suggest this. and the shampoo is fabulous.

  4. kerrym

    very easy to use and prodcues brilliant results and full shiny long hair. i only lose 1 or 2 strands now, not chunks like before

  5. mishelaki

    WOW, thank you for sharing! Happy it has helped you so much! <3

  6. mishelaki

    Thank you very much Mia <3

  7. Aliki Kouvla

    i had to take the time to review this product. I suffer from chronic hair loss, this product is a gem! if i were able to share my photos i would. amazing. thank you for creating a product that helped me. i saw a real difference after around 2 months. again, thank you! will keep using this. and highly recommend it.

  8. lindyp

    i used this after chemo, it only started showing hair after about 2 months, and after 6 months my hair is growing out healthy and longer. i will be forever grateful. bless you all.

  9. Lorainne Stanford

    baby hairs started growing after 3 weeks. now its 6 months and my hair is longer and strong and more full. i came to order more today since i see my hair is the healthiest it has ever been. The proof is in the pudding! grateful to pure. <3

  10. Eva Fanopoulo


  11. mishelaki

    ευχαριστώ παρά πολύ!

  12. mishelaki

    Thank you for your feedback Lorainne, This will definitely help others get a clearer idea how our Pure-Hair treatment works. Such great progress, and we wish you an even longer and fuller head of healthy hair! If you have before and afters, feel free to send them to info@pure-ms.com

  13. georgina

    Bravo sas, PARA POLU KALO!

  14. Anthony

    glad to find this product from instagram. I’ll be 30 in a few months, and of course the back of my head is as excited as i am. i have seen amazing growth.

  15. Anna

    love how versatile this hair oil is. i add to my shampoo and use it direct when i am not washing. it absorbs so fast. i like to use a few drops before styling. it has stopped my hair from falling out and it has grown so much, even though my hair stopped growing for many years after child birth, and now its growing again. amazing.

  16. Alexis

    i love this oil! it works! after 5 weeks of using, i can see a huge difference. when i saw bald spots under and at the back of my head i freaked out. a friend recommended this, so i just wanted to give it a try. it now appears to be the best choice and purchase i have ever made. a lot of hair is growing now.

  17. Jeremy

    i was losing my hair, especially my edges. i am absolutely freaking shook. I paired this with the shampoo by pure and this is my result after 3 weeks. long story short, i LOVE!

  18. lucyanne

    Firstly the customer service is outstanding on its own. The treatment is my second so far, and after 6 months of using the first bottle, at first I was worried it wouldn’t be enough, but it lasted 6 months and have my hair back. I was told I can keep using it in my shampoo to maintain my hairs health. Very happy with my results

  19. Rita

    perfect product!
    I followed instructions after speaking to the support team and the patch that was balding is now returning with hair.
    Oh i use it for 4 months. i came to reorder. thanks!

  20. christina

    I bought this after having a baby and suffering from quite a bit of post partum hair loss. I’ve been using this for less than 2 months and already see a huge difference in my hairline,. Definitely recommend for thinning hair!

  21. catey

    this has been a lifesaver. tysm!

  22. stamatina

    excellent therapy and excellent service.

  23. isabella

    thank u so much!
    it has been working so good!

  24. fallon

    thank you so so much!

  25. katia

    i am in the beginning of menopause, and was told that nothing will help my hormonal hair fall. well i am here to tell you that this did help, my dermatologist recommended it for me. highly recommend this therapy.

  26. stephanie

    Thank you very much. I have been wearing wigs for the better half of 2 years, I have also been using this treatment for 6 months, i started noticing growth after 2 months and now my hair has improved and i think i can stop wearing wigs. I am so blessed to have found this, and will forever be grateful.

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