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DermaBarrier® - Repair Skin Barrier Function A testament to the delicate balance of science and luxury. Rediscover the epitome of skin resilience and refined vitality. Elevate your skincare journey with a touch of opulence. specifically formulated to address and enhance the skin's natural barrier function. The skin barrier, often referred to as the stratum corneum, plays a crucial role in maintaining skin health by acting as a protective shield against external environmental stressors, pollutants, and irritants.
**Apply a modest amount of the Skin Barrier Function Repairing Face Cream to cleansed skin, employing gentle circular motions. For optimal results, seamlessly integrate into both your morning and evening skincare rituals.** **Cleanse the Skin:** Start with a gentle cleanser to remove any makeup, dirt, or impurities from your skin. Use a cleanser suitable for your skin type. **Use a Pea-Sized Amount:** Take a small amount of the barrier repair cream (usually a pea-sized amount) on your fingertips. A little goes a long way. **Apply Evenly:** Gently spread the cream across your face and neck, using upward and outward motions. Ensure an even application. **Massage In:** Use light, circular motions to massage the cream into your skin. This helps with absorption and promotes circulation. **Use Twice Daily:** For optimal results, use the barrier repair cream both in the morning and evening as part of your skincare routine. Apply as needed.
If you're prone to skin infections, skin that is dry, itchy or scaly, or dark, rough patches, using a barrier cream might help. Barrier cream can also help reduce eczema flares. No matter how healthy your skin is, it's a good idea to keep barrier cream on hand. And even if your skin is perfect, this treatment is perfect to painting your skins health and protect from future skin reactions. - Address Conditions Like Eczema or Dermatitis -Soothe and Calm Irritation - Improve Skin Texture and Elasticity -Repairs damage from harsh ingredients such as Retinoids, BHA and over exfoliating.
Aqua, Ceramide Complex, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Panthenol, Squalane, Allantoin, Niacinamide, Green Tea Extract, Shea Butter, Montanov L, Helichrysum, Oat Protein, Abyssinian oil,chia seed oil, Colloidal oats, Sodium Gluconate, Tocopherol-T70


  1. Claudia

    Firstly, the packaging.. wow! secondly, the cream really does what it says. skin is healing quite nicely. back for my 2nd order.

  2. Lydia

    i have Seborrheic dermatitis and i appreciate this cream so much. i tried using retinol and it did not agree with my skin. highly recommend this product. Not greasy and silky smooth, glides beautfifully.

  3. Linda

    using now for 5 weeks. my skin barrier has improved, no longer sensitive or red. my skin is glowing. very good product. i wish it was bigger though!

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