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Our oil-free low ph Facial Cleanser for sensitive to combination, dry/oily//acne prone/sensitive/ combination skin. This transforming formula balances the skins ph, restoring collagen and moisture back into the skin without the use of any oils.

Try this silky smooth, luxurious foaming cleanser that uses kaolin clay and mild surfactants for a gentle clean – perfect for everyday use.

This cleanser lathers beautifully, has a luxurious consistency, and heals your skin. Skin is extremely sensitive, and this foaming cleanser is not abrasive, and works to avoid potentially leading to breakouts, which is why this is oil free, yet provides the full silky texture thanks to the incredible compounds of kaolin clay.

This is the ONLY way to transform your dull, dry, scarred skin. Naturally.

Benefits and who should use Pure-Foamer:

  • Lather: The lather helps to spread the cleanser across your skin & the foam breaks down the oil, dirt, & degree that reside on your face.
  • Exfoliation: While this is gentle enough to use daily, it still does provide an exfoliation, although you cannot really feel it, the clays tiny crystals, along with physically massaging the cleanser into your skin, helps the already loosened degree & dirt to be washed away with water.
  • Anti-Aging
  • Increases Collagen
  • Restores Moisture
  • Vitamin Boost
  • Helps reduce Pores
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Hydration & Moisture
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Suitable for people with dry/sensitive/combination/ acne prone skin also beneficial in removing excess oils, making it suitable for oily skin also. It is so gentle that it can be used for all skin types and problems for healing.
  • Reduces Scars, and sun spots/sun damage
  • Helps with redness
  • Brightens and tones the skin
  • Gently removes make up

With all these benefits, this can easily be added to your skincare routine to enhance  your skins appearance and health.


*NOTE*  If you have any allergies to any of the listed ingredients, please email us before purchasing the product so we can adjust the formula to suit your specific needs.

Ingredients: Aqua, decyl glucoside, Kaolin Clay, xanthum gum, Vegetable Glycerine, Vitamin Complex, Phytoceramides, Cedarwood, Rose geranium, curcumin(turmeric), rosemary, matcha, chamomile.

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Dry-Sensitive, Oily-Sensitive, Combination-Sensitive, Normal-Sensitive, Acne Prone