Lash + Brow Growth Kit

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Designed to nourish the hair follicles forcing maximum growth at maximum speed, for both eyelashes and eyebrows. This nutrient-rich, conditioning natural formula is designed to target hair follicles from within, hydrating, growing and thickening eyelashes and eyebrows. The double-duty formula can be used as a primer to extend and enhance brows and condition and smooth brows. Results can be seen within the first 30 days up to 3 months.
Apply to a clean face. Rolling a generous amount on your eyebrows and gently massaging for 30 seconds. Try to avoid plucking, waxing and adding chemicals during the duration of treatment. The treatment is complete when the bottle has finished.
Short eyelashes and eyebrows. For all skin types.
**If you have any allergies to any of the listed ingredients, please email us before purchasing the product so we can adjust the formula to suit your specific needs.** jojoba, phytoactives, curcumin, coconut, avocado, biotin(V), rosemary, geranium, caffeine,Redensyl, Vitamin Complex, cacao, green tea, cucumber, marula, vegetable collagen.


  1. Katerina D

    i use grow for 6 months now, and i just got the brow growth too. have only been using it 3 weeks so cant wait for my brows to be like my lashes :)))

  2. mishelaki

    Keep us posted! 🙂 Enjoy!

  3. tania van zyl

    it works so so well!!!! when it is finished i will purchase again =>

  4. lucinda

    damn good stuff. love that its fragrance free and doesn’t irritate my eye

  5. catherina

    I just received my order!!! that was fast!
    so stoked!! cant wait to get started. will come back and leave a review after my lash ‘n brow journey

  6. alison cornwall

    can i give this 100 stars?! results surpassed my expectations!

  7. mishelaki

    Thank you for your feedback! So happy it worked so well for you!

  8. angelina

    didn’t have much hair due to over plucking, but these 2 helped me grow them back, and the owner helped guide me to do it correctly so i would get best results. i have no mascara on in these pics, but i just ordered the growth mascara so im super excited. fantastic

  9. PURE

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful results.

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