GRO+ Derma-Roller for Hair Regrowth ®


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Our GRO+ Derma-Roller for Hair Regrowth ® causes an increase in blood flow to the scalp, which stimulates hair growth and thickening. This happens because micro needling triggers our own body’s natural ability to regenerate collagen and elastin. As a result, we experience hair growth. Its needles puncture holes so that the Pure-Hair Growth Treatment qualities can easily penetrate the hair follicles.

It is suitable for men and women.

Our GRO+ Roller is a medical device that needs to be used with care and handled hygienically.


GRO+ Derma Roller for Hair Loss

GRO+ Roller prevents your hair from falling. It causes tiny punctures only on our scalp’s skin which activates and regenerates hair cells.

Science proves that GRO+ Roller, a form of micro-needling, is an effective treatment for hair loss.  It boosts collagen production in your scalp, which results in stronger, thicker hair.

To understand the need for stronger, thicker hair for your hair’s health and as a solution to prevent hair loss, let us explain to you the hair stages.

Anagen phase of hair growth: It is part of your hair cycle where hair cells divide rapidly and result in new hair growth.

Telogen Phase of hair growth: The telogen phase is part of the hair cycle where your hair begins to fall. Hair fall is caused by hair follicles prematurely entering a resting phase. The derma roller doesn’t allow your hair to become nutrient deficient and weak.

You can apply Pure-Hair Growth Treatment or Pure-Hair ADVANCED on your hair after Derma rolling for the best results. With another simplified alternative, you can easily spray our Hair Growth Activating Spray after you have done your rolling session.

This prevents hair loss as your scalp absorbs higher nutrients and prevents your hair from shedding in the telogen phase. This way, through our GRO+ Roller, you can control your hair loss to the extent that it is within the 50-100 strands of everyday hair loss.

GRO+ Derma Roller for Hair Growth

GRO+ Roller for hair growth and hair regrowth can be a blessing.

Derma rollers can massage your scalp and increase the blood flow to your scalp.

Research shows that increased blood flow to the scalp results in increased hair growth and thickness. . Thus helping with hair regrowth.

This means that not only does your hair grow once you start the using the GRO+ Roller and hair treatments, but your hair also grows thicker and stronger.

Increased blood flow to the scalp means that the GRO+ Roller is benefitting your hair growth by essentially providing your hair follicles with rich oxygen and nutrient supply so that these strands grow more robust and thicker.

The second way that the GRO+ Roller helps with hair growth stimulates collagen production.

Collagen, naturally found in our bodies, prevents hair thinning, and supports new hair growth in the anagen phase of hair growth. Collagen thickens around the hair follicles and ensures that your new hair grows strong.

This helps it resist hair shedding in the hair cycle’s catagen phase. GRO+ Roller is more effective when used with Pure-Hair or Pure-Hair ADVANCED. GRO+ Roller increaseS the absorption of topical solutions such as Pure-Hair and Pure-Hair ADVANCED.

Who Should Use Gro+ Derma Roller for Hair?

Derma Roller is a solution for those people who are seeking a method to promote hair regrowth. It is usually for people who want to have an at-home hair loss cure. It can be used alone or in combination with other naturally derived topical treatments, such as Pure-Hair, Pure-Hair ADVANCED, Hair Growth Activating Spray, to help in hair regeneration. Studies have proven that hair growth increased blood flow and scalp health.


Who Should NOT use Gro+ Derma Roller for Hair?

Anyone can use a derma roller, but not everyone should. People with skin conditions, like psoriasis and eczema, or a history of blood clots should check with a doctor or dermatologist before using a derma roller. 

Directions of Use: **These are the directions that you should strictly adhere to**

Use 1-2 hours before bed ( night time)

1. Make Sure Your GRO+ Derma Roller is Clean

Sterilizing derma rollers and ensuring they are free of bacteria is essential to their efficacy. For optimal results, rub your GRO+ derma roller with alcohol before using it.

2. Wash & Condition Hair

Cleanse your hair with a shampoo and conditioner that is mild and effective enough to help eliminate dirt and dead skin cells. Sulfates and parabens can irritate your scalp, so you must avoid shampoos containing them. We recommend for best results our Hair Growth Shampoo.

3. Dry and Comb Hair

Make sure your hair is dry and detangled properly by using a wide-toothed comb. Our GRO+ derma roller will be able to cover your scalp effectively if your hair is free of knots.

4. Divide Your Hair into Sections and Apply Hair Treatments ( PRE ROLLING)

After dividing your hair into sections, apply one of these treatments, Pure-Hair, Pure-Hair advanced with cotton balls and massage your hair slightly. Ensure your entire scalp is covered systematically so that the technique is as effective for regrowing your hair as possible.

5. Apply Derma Roll and Run It in All Directions

Apply the GRO+ derma roller on each section of your hair. Roll three to four times across all directions: three times horizontally, three times vertically, diagonally, and so forth. Continue in this manner until you have covered all the areas you desire. Do not go over the same spot twice.

6. Oil Your Hair for Ease (POST ROLLING)

Make sure you oil your scalp carefully. Keep the oil at room temperature rather than heating it to prevent scalp inflammation. Massaging the oil into your scalp is an effective way to increase absorption and also feel good.

7. Sanitize the GRO+ Derma Roller for Every Use

Upon completion of each session, the derma roller needs to be sanitized and disinfected. As it makes micro-punctures in the skin, it becomes a necessary ritual. An infection can occur if it’s not properly cleaned.

8. If Necessary, Replace

Generally, derma rollers only last two months, Which allows a recommended 10 sessions. After which they need to be replaced. Nothing can be more harmful to your hair than using an expired or worn-out appliance, as it is dangerous and can cause irreparable damage.

How Often to Use Derma Roller for Hair Growth?

Derma roller for hair should not be used daily due to the risks associated with the procedure. You should start by doing it once every 2 weeks for the first month ( 2 sessions), see how your body responds, and then once a week in the second month ( 4 sessions). The best way to achieve the most effective results with derma rolling is to do it only once per problem area in a single session. However, a micro-needling session every once a week is sufficient to stimulate regrowth in most cases. But note that you can continue to apply topically the hair growth treatments during the week.

If you’re planning on doing it at home by yourself, these are the directions that you should strictly adhere to. always at night 1-2 hours before bed.

Size: 0.5 mm needles
Material: Titanium