Pure-Grow (Eyelash Growth Treatment)


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This  treatment was designed to  grow eyelashes longer, stronger, thicker and healthier. All ingredients are organic plant based. With as early as 30 days!

What makes This treatment unique: Pure-Grow has been carefully formulated to absorb into the hair follicles, boosting the density and length of your lashes and speeds up the time in which your eyelashes grow.

2000 volunteers participated in the testing of this treatment, with outstanding progress within the first month of use.

Added benefits include:

  • Natural Curling of eyelashes.
  • Thicker, fuller lashes
  • Does NOT change the color of the eye area
  • Grows you eyelashes to their maximum potential
  • Thicker, fuller lashes
  • Does NOT change the color of the eye area
  • Grows you eyelashes to their maximum potential
  • Most importantly, all our products are plant based, vegan, cruelty-free, toxin free and paraben free.


APPLICATION: Apply by rolling on the back of your clean hand to get the oil to circulate, thereafter, roll a generous amount all over the lashes before sleep. There is no wrong way, and it does not cause any skin or irritations around the eye area so if it goes around the eye that is perfectly ok. Please ensure your face is clean and dry. Use daily for best results. When the bottle has finished, your treatment is complete. To maintain the length, use Pure-Grow every other day after the initial treatment has finished.

Measure your progress with our eyelash growth ruler

  • For extra benefits and to prevent lash breakage we recommend using Pure- Grow Mascara instead of a general mascara. Or, avoid using waterproof mascaras for the duration of treatment. You can alternatively tint your lashes.
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*NOTE*  If you have any allergies to any of the listed ingredients, please email us before purchasing the product so we can adjust the formula to suit your specific needs.

Apply a generous amount on eyelashes with eyes closed and massage for 3 seconds. use once a day on a clean face. It is recommended that you test a small amount on your arm before use, and if you get an allergic reaction to the natural products discontinue use.

Please handle with care: Bottle is glass.

Ingredients: Guarana extract, Ginko Biloba, Geranium oil, Jojoba, Green Matcha Tea, Vitamin Complex(V), Vegetable Collagen, Marula, Black Castor Oil, Sweet Almond, Curcumin, Rosehip Seed, Hemp Seed Oil, Evening Primrose, Rosemary, Aloe Vera, Avocado Oil, Coconut Oil, Vitamin e. Cedarwood, Carrot seed oil. Vitamins b Complex.

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  1. miaargyro

    The absolute best product anyone could ever use. I used it a few months and the results are amazing. thank you!! just ordered my second now!

  2. jordan

    I purchased this treatment after hearing raving reviews- I am so excited to share that IT REALLY WORKS! everyone has been complimenting me. the good thing is that it isn’t messy, its fast and easy, and doesn’t have a strong smell. jUst be careful because its a glass bottle. i ordered it for a few friends for xmas. the service is exceptional. I highly recommend the product.

  3. Niki Dip

    I have tried every single product out there. finally something that actually produces RESULTS! it took about 2 months to see a difference, and now in my 3rd month they growing crazy 😀 ty! =x

  4. page83

    dude this product is everything. no words for how good this is.

  5. pageconnie

    wht can i say abt grow- BEST PURCHASE EVER! i live in the States, so i just wish i ordered more. i will, when i make my next order, want to try everything!

  6. mishelaki

    Thank you Page, It really is a one of a kind treatment 🙂

  7. mishelaki

    That is so great to hear. It really is a beyond great treatment 🙂

  8. mishelaki

    I am so happy it has worked wonders for you! Enjoy!

  9. mishelaki

    Thank you dear!!!

  10. gracew

    i am so excited that i have lashes now- had to heal an infection after extensions and then started using, and im seeing incredible results. I bought a second bottle for my mom. thanks a lot.

  11. libby

    i was a little skeptical since i was told we cannot grow our lashes…butttttt it works. didnt see my bf due to quarantine, and he told me to stop doing extensions lol. i said theyre real, awesomo!

  12. Susan

    i am in shock. cant believe i actually have long eyelashes! i will order again for sure! excellent treatment

  13. Ρουλα

    Αγαπιμενο μου θεραπεια. σασ ευχαριστω!

  14. kelly-ann

    this is FIRE!!
    i have used this 42 days exactly- wowza!! is there a way to email you my before and afters? ty so much!

  15. mishelaki

    Hello Kelly, so happy you love it! YES!! do send us before and after photos! info@pure-ms.com

  16. meghan

    10000000000 stars from me. 2 months later and DAYUMMM! thanks!

  17. shira colemann

    frikking the best. i will forever be a loyal customer

  18. mishelaki

    Thank you Shira for your feedback!

  19. mishelaki

    You’re so welcome! Thank you so much for your feedback.


    i have spent hundreds on all lash serums. this was given to me for xmas. I HAVE LONG LASHES! i just came to order a second bottle, just incase it ever goes out of stock! thank u so muchhhhhh

  21. Laura J.

    love the product, works perfectly! i used the measure tool and i cant believe how much they grew

  22. Maria Gonzales

    delivery to spain in 10 days- second order. my lashes are thicker and longer. i like that it does NOT change skin color or burn my sensitive eyes <3

  23. PURE

    Thank you for sharing your amazing results!

  24. Barbara

    Bought this thinking that there was maybe a chance i might have some results, after seeing the reviews and hearing about it from a doctor friend. But i had no idea how insanely incredible the results would actually be!
    The first weeks were frustrating because despite applying it every night before bed, i saw only a slight difference. But i kept on using the bottle to complete the full treatment, and look how amazingly feathery they look. I will never stop using this product. I came to buy more and this time i’m adding the growth mascara to the mix!

  25. Belinda

    I love love love this stuff! it really works and i highly recommend it. I noticed a difference after about 1 month of using. to be fair, i didn’t use it every day, maybe i missed a day in the week. my lashes grew much longer and are fuller too. it also kind of gave my eyelashes a curl. Absolutely love this product.

  26. Στελλα Παναγιωτακοπουλου (verified owner)

    Εξαιρετικο προιον!λυπαμαι που δεν εβγαλα φωτο πριν και μετα.Προιον που κανει πραγματι αυτο που υποσχεται!μην διστασετε!

  27. angie fallon

    i order one every year!
    best product. a little goes a long way. thanks!

  28. rose

    excellent, it works. saw thickness in about 2 weeks, and longer lashes in about 3 weeks. been using for about 2 months and love that i actually have eyelashes.

  29. marge

    i tried all the products for lash growth- i want to say this is the ONLY one that worked for me. i swore this was the last one id spend money on. very happy thank you so much!

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