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Pure's Skin Tonic is a uniquely designed toner serum, with a luxuriously smooth texture. It can be used post-cleansing, for refreshing and toning the skin. It is extremely moisturising and strengthens and repairs the skin's structure gently. What are Toners? One word: hydration. Toners are fast-acting, water-based skin treatments that hydrate, cleanse and bolster your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Used twice a day, preferably after cleansing, toners prep your skin for maximum absorption of moisturising products like serum and oils. This toner serum contains a mixture of humectants, acids, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to promote healthy, even and glowing skin. It offers emollient properties, moisturizes and cools the skin. Gives astringent and tonic benefits, tightens skin pores and at the same time increases microcirculation. It therefore significantly reduces dark circles and signs of fatigue under the eye area. It contains anti-aging properties and can help with sunburn. It tones, brightens and gives your skin a natural glow, more specifically it acts a semi moisturiser that treats scarring and sun spots, and heals the skin as well as it works to clear the skin. Perfect for any time of the day and after sun exposure, as sun opens up pores which can allow bacteria to enter, this tonic will help tighten pores and even skin tone.
Pour a small amount to clean hands and massage into face. Apply moisturiser. Use up to twice a day.
FOR ALL SKIN TYPES, SPECIFICALLY DRY, AND SENSITIVE SKIN. It replenishes skin with nutrients after cleansing hydrates, smooths and reduces the appearance of pores primes skin for serum, moisturisers and makeup gently removes impurities such as dirt, oil, dust, pollution and trace makeup it contains powerful active ingredients that produce results within 15 minutes of application
Aqua, Chamomilla Recutita Flower Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Acetyl Hexapeptide-8, UTMF Ceramides, Caffeine, Tocopherol, Panthenol, Xanthan Gum, Allantoin, Citric Acid.

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Skin Tonic

30 ml, 50 ml


  1. Danike

    This is one product i am going to miss so badly if it ever leaves the market. it moisturises my skin that i don’t even feel like i need a cream. i have scars and this has def reduced them. my skin is so glowy and just in time for summer, when i don’t wear much make up! what a gem. Just had to pop in to buy another. pleaseeeee keep it in stock!

  2. Aggeliki

    έχει μια τόσο ωραία αίσθηση αναζωογόνησης στο πρόσωπό μου

  3. zoe

    δεν έχω δοκιμάσει ποτέ τέτοιο τόνερ δέρματος!

  4. Roxanne

    Brilliant. Just BRILLIANT 10 stars

  5. Charlotte

    BEST toner i have tried. my pores are less visible after a few days which i was told could never happen. buttt it DID! great stuff! I feel its balanced my skin, less oily, yet still have a glow. Is it just me or are my blackheads going too?! Thank you so so much

  6. Marianna

    ohh this toner!! wish i found it earlier. magical. thank you!

  7. jessica c

    i use this product every day and night, love it!

  8. Jacqui Le’blanc

    j’adore absolument ce produit.

  9. judy

    mi tercera compra feliz. Gracias!

  10. amber-lee

    i always heard about toners, but this is anything but. its almost creamy silky the texture, and so hydrating. my skin is firmer and my wrinkles are less, i bought two more!

  11. bianace s

    i was recommended to use this and the foam wash by my dermatologist since i dont use chemical products. i have been using about 2 months only, i have come back to buy more because my skin cystic skin has cleared almost fully. thank you so much!

  12. sophia

    please dont have this product as limited! i beg of you! i have not found something like this before. whoever reads this, you will love this more than anything.

  13. PURE

    Thank you for the love! We will most likely continue this product in different packaging! To be announced!

  14. PURE

    Thank you for your feedback- it really is an outstanding product for problematic skin types! So happy it helped you! Let us know how your skin continues to improve!

  15. PURE

    Thank you for your feedback!! It is extremely unique, the textures is indeed hydrating, and not a typical product at all! We are so happy you love it too!!

  16. PURE


  17. PURE


  18. PURE

    Thats the best way! Enjoy!

  19. kimberley Tanner

    when i say there is nothing like this, THERE IS NOTHING LIKE THIS on the market! You cannot imagine how stunning this is. i expected a general toner when i purchased this, to my surprise it was more than that, its texture is gel like, and smooths the skin and i could go on forever.. love it!

  20. Milena

    There is nothing like this anywhere. i still cant believe how lucky i was to find this, and the other products i bought! the hair products too are amazing!

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