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Suitable for all medical & general hair loss.

These kits have been formulated to regrow and repair your hair. Once you have reached your desired goals, you can continue use our general hair growth kit ( individual products available) to maintain healthy, thicker and longer hair. With the breakthrough Green-Science ingredient Redensyl, is the ultimate treatment available for successful growth and prevention of further hair loss.



KIT 1: Starter Kit

Recommended use: Wash your hair 2 times a week and condition. 1st wash should be with your general shampoo that has the Pure-Hair drop in. The second wash should be with PURE-SHAMPOO. you can apply a few drops of PURE-HAIR to your scalp the day before a wash.

KIT 2: Full Kit

Recommended use: This is by far, the absolute ultimate hair regrowth kit. Specifically designed to target medical hair loss due to CHEMO, and other medical conditions, such as AGA, TE, Covid, PCOS, and Genetic hair loss. Helping you grow your hair back faster. The eyelash treatment has been formulated to regrow your lashes and can be used on your eyebrows if desired. You should use PURE-GROW eyelash growth every night before bed, to a clean and dry face to see results.  The recommend routine for these treatments are;

Day 1- Apply 2-3 drops of PURE HAIR ADVANCED to your scalp in the concerned areas, and massage.
Day 2- Wash your hair with PURE-SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER.
Day 3- Apply 2-3 drops of PURE HAIR ADVANCED to your scalp in the concerned areas, and massage.
Day 4- Nothing.
Day 5- Wash your hair with your general shampoo that contains PURE-HAIR drops.
Day 6- Apply 2-3 drops of PURE HAIR ADVANCED to your scalp in the concerned areas, and massage.
Day 7- Apply 2-3 drops of PURE HAIR ADVANCED to your scalp in the concerned areas, and massage  / or Wash your hair with PURE-SHAMPOO + CONDITIONER.
Use Pure Hair Growth Activating Spray 50ml every day.

Of course you can mix it up, and do not worry if you miss a day. This is just an example routine. But please keep in mind, consistency is important to see results.

If you have any allergies, please contact us before purchasing. All of our treatments are 100% plant based, SLES/SLS FREE, Vegan and Cruelty-Free.

OTHER PRODUCTS YOU MAY BE INTERESTED IN: You can also see our PURE-GROW MASCARA. Or our other skincare products in our shop.


*NOTE* If you are undergoing any medical therapies, please contact us before purchasing any of our hair treatments. Please note, these treatments contain antioxidants which are not suitable for those in the starting or in the middle of medical therapies. They are used by those who are trying to regrow their hair back after said therapies.

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1: Starter Kit, 2: Full Kit


  1. Gabrielle

    it works so well. i bought the kit 1. my hair is filling in nicely as you can see, took a few months to kick in. extremely happy. thanks so much for this.

  2. susane

    i just want to say that i bought kit 3 ( all ) i had covid, and i know these products work for all hair problems, not just from illnesses. i did not want to leave the house and after 4 weeks using i have incredible results. its like a miracle. thank you so much. i am here to order for my in law.

  3. Andriana

    I rarely reorder hair products, but i had to buy another kit. i took the shampoo and conditioner and the hair growth oil. it really works for me, and has made my hair so healthy and it also solved my post pregnancy hair loss. totally a must have set for me. highly recommended.

  4. Tamara Pen

    Thus is the real deal. i underwent chemotherapy 2 years ago, and lost my hair and it never grew back properly, despite all the recommended products. my daughter bought this set for me just to say one last chance. i am happy to share that after 3 months of use, my hair has started growing again and the strands appear to be thicker. I am so happy with the results and the owner has helped me along my journey every step of the way. the support is unbelievable.

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